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  1. Zydepunks Medley (4:39) traditional
    Upbeat medley of two fiery Israeli dances (violin, accordion)
  2. Macedonian Girl (2:34) traditional
    Popular dance tune passed through Eastern European Gypsy cultures (violin, accordion)
  3. The Butterfly (3:17) traditional
    Irish slipjig (violin, accordion)
  4. Tranchida Wine (2:30) Varelas, O'Connor
    Lilting mediterranean influenced melody (bouzouki, accordion)
  5. The Basso (3:08) traditional
    Gypsy tune found throughout Eastern Europe (bouzouki)
  6. The Jigs (2:50) traditional
    Set of three jigs from Ireland (violin)
  7. Blair Atholl/Sleepy Maggie (2:59) traditional
    Set of reels from Scotland (violin)
  8. Gavotte (4:43) J.S. Bach
    Sultry interpretation of a classical Baroque piece (violin)
  9. Mastika (3:00) traditional
    Group celebration dance (bouzouki)
  10. Korobuschka (2:52) traditional
    Popular gypsy dance tune (violin, accordion)
  11. Raina's Dance (5:47) Varelas, O'Connor
    Medieval style dance written for a special friend (violin, accordion)
  12. The Ritual (5:55) Joshua Amyx
    Percussively dominated intro to Agrafa (percussion, accordion)
  13. Agrafa (4:14) traditional
    Instrumental version of a tragic Greek folk ballad (violin)
  14. The Arabian Horseman (3:20) Varelas, O'Connor
    Influenced by Greek and Arabic culture (bouzouki)
  15. Al-Araibi's (6:26) Varelas, O'Connor
    Improvisational journey through Eastern European and Arabic influences (bouzouki, violin, accordion)
  16. The North Jetty (3:16) Varelas, O'Connor
    Influenced by old-time and Bluegrass styles (violin)

Total play time 61:51

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