From Agrafa (2007)

From E Muzeki (2006)

  • Patsheeva (2:49) Varelas, O'Connor
    Fiery tune with an Eastern European flavor (guitar, violin)
  • Salida del Sol (2:24) Varelas, O'Connor
    Combines elements of flamenco and classical guitar (flamenco guitar)
  • Jeru (2:16) Varelas, O'Connor
    Dance named after the city of Jerusalem (Greek bouzouki)
  • Katsa (2:12) Varelas, O'Connor
    A proud warriors dance in a traditional Greek style (violin)


From Sindh (2005)

  • Guadiana (2:51) Varelas, O'Connor
    Combination of Greek, Spanish, and surf-guitar styles (bouzouki)
  • Unknown Gypsy Dance (2:24) traditional
    Up tempo gypsy tune from Eastern Europe (violin)
  • Biserica Neagra (3:33) Varelas, O'Connor
    Exotic melody depicting the turbulent history of the "Black Church" in Transylvania, Romania. (violin)
  • Sindh (2:57) Varelas, O'Connor
    Named after the geographic birthplace of Gypsy peoples (sitara)


From Mavra Matia (2003)